Who Gets An Invite To The Wedding?

It’s that time to start your wedding guest list! But where do you begin? Follow these simple guidelines and create a wedding guest list that you’ll comfortable with.

A target guest count
First, your wedding size. Will it be small (under 150 people) or big (over 150 guests)? Then, write down the names in this order and count to come up with a preliminary number.

  • Immediate family members (parents, siblings and families, grandparents)
  • Closest friends
  • Close family members
  • Friends
  • Friends of your families
  • Old friends
  • Distant relatives
  • Co-workers (both yours and your parents’)
  • Others (also known as fillers)

If the number is high, you can start to cut guests from the bottom category and work your way upward.

The lists
If your parents are paying for part or all of the wedding, then you’ll have to get their input into who is invited. Ask each set of parents to write down their “dream guest list” and give them a target number. Be prepared to discuss the list with your parents – especially if they invite more people than you requested.

Make rules – no exceptions!
You don’t have to invite children, dates for single guests or co-workers. But once you make a rule, stick with it – and don’t make any exceptions or risk offending anyone.

Don’t forget
Remember that about 20 percent of those you invite will be unable to attend your wedding. If you’re having a wedding in a hometown, that percentage will be smaller, but if you’re having a destination wedding in a faraway place, it will be higher.


Lasty, always always remember…it is YOUR big day. You have the last say and you are the final decision!

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