Reception Seating Don’ts!

Putting together a reception seating chart is kind of like doing a 1000 piece puzzle. Except that you’re dealing with people. You have to juggle friends and family members, along with their many personalities, last-minute RSVPS, and the physical set-up. Bottom line is, it’s a lot to handle.

Reception Seating Don’ts!

Don’t seat the elderly right next to the band or DJ
The grandmas and grandpas at the wedding should probably be seated away from the reception music, especially if they’re hard of hearing. It can already be tough for the older folks to hear one another and you don’t want them to struggle more than they already have to just to have a simple dinner conversation. They’ll be happier to converse with one another, and they can move to the dance floor if they feel up to it later in the night.

Don’t seat feuding guests near each other
Chances are you’ve got a family members or friends that may not see eye to eye. If that’s the case, try your best to seat them far away from one another. This is probably a smart move in cases of divorced parents who don’t have the smoothest relationship. Take a look at the seating layout and try your best to make sure they won’t cross paths.

Don’t forget about kids
Whether you decide to have a table specifically for kids under 12, or you decide to seat them with their parents, it’s important you have a strategy. Don’t place them at any empty seat; see what makes sense for your layout. Keeping the kids all at one table and providing them with some light-hearted entertainment may prevent them from getting antsy. However, seating them with their parents may keep their behavior in check. Do whatever works best for you, but have a plan!

Don’t overcrowd tables
Don’t try to shove as many people as you can at one table. If you have a large group of college or high school friends, break them up into two tables right next to each other. They can always sit down and catch up after the dinner ends if they want to mingle with other guests. Don’t worry, guests will have fun regardless.

Don’t be too predictable
Try not to put people who see each other all the time at the same table. Mix it up! Put a little thought into it and think about which of your friends and family members have similar interests and would likely get along. Better yet, play matchmaker and seat one of your single friends next to another single friend. Weddings are a great place for guests to meet new people and have great conversation! On the same note, be sure to switch things up from the rehearsal dinner seating arrangements so people have a chance to talk to other guests.

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