Reasons to Be Thankful For While Planning Your Wedding

If you’re feeling the wedding planning stresses, take a break from putting together those ceremony programs and remember all the little things that you’re grateful for when it comes to this crazy journey. Check out these…

Reasons to Be Thankful For While Planning Your Wedding


1. Your Significant Other

We understand that you and your fiancé lead busy lives, so embrace wedding planning as quality time together. Sure times may get stressful and you may not always agree, but remember the point here – you’re marrying the one that you truly love. And that’s reason enough to be really, really thankful.

2. Your Wedding Party

From your bridesmaids who watched you try on 20 dresses without complaint, to your groomsmen who are spending countless hours planning a killer bachelor party, you’re truly lucky to have these supportive people in your life. These people are part of a BIG BIG day.

3. Your Family

Families who share supportive words of wisdom, traveling long distances to attend your big day, even your sibling/s who gave you a heartfelt card when you got engaged – these are the people who are there for you no matter what – so remember to thank them! And yes, this goes for your in-laws too!

4. Your Wedding Vendors

We all have them – the wedding vendors who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. The photographer who spent two hours helping you select an outfit for your engagement shoot. The caterer who’s creating a special meal for your picky nephew.

5. Inspiration

Whether your style is rustic, vintage, glamorous or classic, there are so many inspiring photos out there to help you make your wedding-day vision a reality. So be thankful for browsing wedding photos – your new favorite procrastination tool!





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