Make Sure Your DJ is The Perfect Fit

9 Questions to Make Sure Your DJ is The Perfect Fit

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Client: “Why do people tend to pick you as their DJ?”

This first question will get them thinking and they will tell you their best attributes from

the start so that you have an idea of what they can offer to your party. Hopefully it will

have something to do with their outgoing and charming personality to get the party

started and on the dance floor. Or maybe, they have brand new equipment that works

extremely well with their parties. Whatever the answer may be, it can make or break

your decision from the start, but hopefully you will attract to their answer!

Client: “Besides being a DJ, do you offer any other services?”

Sometimes, DJ’s provide extra services like having video screens and intelligent lighting

to jazz up the party and make it an even more “wow” moment for you and your guests.

Everyone also loves to watch videos or see visual pictures displayed throughout the party

to make the event more personalized. It could be memories of you and your guests or it

could be pictures and videos happening live from the party!

Tip: When signing a contract with a DJ, make sure to get all of the details so that you

don’t sign up for anything extra that you do not need.

Client: “Do I get to choose which DJ I want for my event or do I only get who is available at that time?”

Being able to choose which DJ you prefer is very important. Don’t ever settle for a DJ

who were not your top pick, but were the only one available for your event. Specifically

picking your favorite DJ that fits your personality and style is an important factor of any

event to be successful and how you always dreamed of it to be!

When signing a contract, you need to make sure that you had time to sit down and talk to

the DJ that you like instead of briefly meeting them. They need to be understanding and

know what you want at your party. Some sales reps will try anything to get you to sign a

contract towards their business, but make sure that it is the one of your choosing and not

just who is around.

Client: “Have you ever been to the venue of our event before?”

If they have never been to the venue of your event, make sure that they plan a visit to get

a feel for how to set up their equipment. Sounds vary depending on what type of room it

is and they should get a feel for how to work the room’s acoustics and lighting designs

before hand so that nothing goes wrong the day of. It is essential for your DJ to plan

accordingly for the venue your event is taking place at.

Client: “In case anything goes wrong, do you have backup equipment and are you certified

to use everything that you have?”

Having extra equipment incase anything goes wrong is crucial when selecting the right

DJ. They should provide an extra microphone, computer, mixer, and other materials

because if something happens and they are running short of an item that is needed, the DJ

will not be able to be as successful or have things run smoothly.

Your DJ should be certified and know the ins and outs of connecting systems so that your

guests can hear every word at a moderate level without thinking its too loud or too soft.

Client: “Do you take song requests?”

If you want to have a set list of the songs before hand and not let the DJ take any song

requests, you need to be clear with telling him this direction. If you are flexible with

your guests requesting songs, the DJ should know that as well. If a guest requests a song

and is told it will be played and they don’t hear it, it will disappoint them. It is all up to

the host!

Client: “Can you show me an example of your mixing and blending of tracks?”

Without mixing and blending of songs, there would be an awkward silence between each

song being played just like when you are listening to your iPod. This could also entertain

guests more if the DJ is able to correctly mix and blend because you don’t want them to

become bored from listening to the same original songs. Mixing it up a bit will get them

feeling ready to join the dance floor!

Client: “To get the crowd excited, what do you do?”

Encouragement and excitement to get the party going can be started with different

techniques like asking couples to come to the dance floor for a “slow-dance” or playing a

throwback song that is meaningful to the host and guests. It could be a song played from

another decade or a song that has a specific dance that people know about. Ask if you

can watch a demo of a past event they did to see how they engage their guests. Hearing

them in action and how they perform around others could lead to your final decision.

If you want the DJ to bring dancers to your event, make sure that you clearly tell them

that you want extra entertainment so that they can teach your guests to dance. Also,

providing DJ give-a- ways will make the crowd go wild no matter what age they are. It is

fun, creative, and a great way to get them on the dance floor with their groovy sunglasses

and hats.

Client: “What other events have you performed for?”

To determine their level of success, this question will be a great closing to get to know

what else they have participated in. A well-rounded DJ is the best and if they have

attended Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen’s, and all different events, than they

will know how to decipher between how to perform differently depending on occasion.

If a DJ talks badly about a past event, this is unprofessional and something to stay away


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